January 12, 2015

23 months



This will be the last time I write only about Madden before he becomes a super awesome big brother! I love documenting of all of his milestones and funny moments so I never forget each stage of his huge, growing personality. But I already feel guilty when I think about if I'll have time to document the same for our next little one. Jeff and I have been talking about how we think this next baby boy's personality will differ from Madden's. We know each of our kids will be so different and perfect in their own way, and I'm so anxious to meet this new baby and especially see how great of friends he and Madden will be.

I'm feeling anxious in these last few weeks of waiting for baby boy to come. Now that Christmas is over, I've realized how unprepared I am for a new baby, and that I feel like I've forgotten how to take care of a newborn. When Madden was born I laid in bed with him sleeping on my tummy all day for about 4 months. It was the best time, and I loved every second of it. This time around though, I'm nervous because worry I won't have the time to bond with this baby like I did with Madden. Madden requires lots and lots of attention, and it will feel like we have two babies in our house for a while- except one will be way more mischievous and fast. I'm hoping that instinct will kick in and I'll be able to handle the chaos of this new stage of having two babies, and that we will all adjust happily. I'm also slightly freaking out about going into labor on my own. I was induced with Madden and it was so easy and comfortable. It is totally my personality to have a schedule and feel completely prepared, and this time around I do not like the anticipation of waiting for my water to break with Jeff at work and no way to get to the hospital on my own. It will all work out, but hopefully the timing will work in our favor!

Meanwhile, Madden and I are spending lots of one on one time together. He still has absolutely no clue what's coming. Sometimes he'll point to my tummy and say "owie!" but that's about as much attention he gives to my enormous tummy. He still loves to be carried everywhere, even around the house. He's gotten really clingy lately and drags on my legs begging for me to hold him. Even though 28 extra pounds of baby is not what I need right now, I can't ever resist babying him a little longer before he officially become a big boy. I can't believe he's almost two! Time is so unfair with how fast it goes, it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. And now he's jumping off the sofa and doing somersaults around the house all day long.

At 23 months......

- Madden is so observant and we're already realizing that whatever he hears us say or sees us do, will soon be repeated. Just about every day Madden points at something new and says what it is or what sound it makes. He loves to talk and feels so proud of everything he does. We celebrate and applaud a lot in our house, and everything new he learns is followed by him clapping and saying "yay!"
-Another month, and even more words! He talks all day long! Unless we are on face time- he gets really quiet and hardly says anything when we're talking on the phone. But as soon as we hang up, he is so noisy and makes up for the lost talking time.
-He loves cookies, but he calls them "tooties" and I hope that never changes.
-When I ask him what kind of baby we're having, he says, "a boy!" even though he has no idea what that means.
-He loves to read, but recently instead of me reading to him, he likes to read to me. He flips through the pages, and points at the pictures and acts like he's reading. "A dee dee dee, a dee dee dee. Ah done."
-At night when I put him to sleep, I always say, 'You're mama's favorite boy, right?" And every time he says back, "Wight." Then I say, "I'll be here when you wake up ok?" then he says, "Oh tee."
-Also when I'm putting him to bed, as soon as I lay him in his crib he pulls up him shirt and asks for itsy bitsy spider. Afterward, when I'm walking out of the room he calls after me and says, "Thank you mom, thank you!"
-We can't wait to give this boy a yard! He would play outside all day if he could and is constantly asking if we're going "bye bye." Kind of breaks my heart when I tell him no, but it's the best when we really are going outside, and he bolts to the door and has no time or patience for putting clothes or shoes on.
-He loves the moon and points to it at night and says, "mon!! wow!" Even in his books or toys, any circle he sees, he thinks is a moon. He also is starting to say "sun" too and always mentions that the sun is hot. He loves looking at the sky and can point out every bird in the sky or airplane he sees. Whether we're playing outside or driving in the car, he's always staring at the sky yelling, "Airplane!" or "Dup Dup" (for a bird).
-I'm so torn whether I should start potty training him already. He seems so ready and tells me every time he is about to go to the bathroom, or if he's messy, "yuck mom, yucky." And the second his diaper is wet, he takes it off himself and goes and throws it in the trash. I've tried putting him on the toilet a few times when I know he's about to go, but he won't do it. I feel like we're a little too close to our new baby's arrival to full on potty train but if I don't do it now, it probably won't happen for several months.
-Madden is finally starting to eat well thanks to Jeff telling me to stop giving him so much milk. Milk is all he ever wanted and he would never eat anything else throughout the day. So finally I just replaced milk with some apple juice and now he's eating like a champ! He eats raspberries all day long, and English muffins, and multigrain cheerios are his favorite cereal. He especially loves fruit and has been asking for "onge" (oranges) or "bury" (berries) a lot lately.
-He's finally realizing what an owie is now that he's gotten his fair share of scraped knees and stubbed toes. Every time he hurts himself or even if he sees a healing scab on his knee, it reminds him that it needs to be kissed. He comes over to me saying, "Owie, ow mom" and makes me kiss his owie. I love being the one he comes to for that sort of thing. Nothing makes an owie feel better like mom.
-The older he gets, the more stubborn he becomes. He does not like it when I tell him no. When I do, he gets mad at me and points his little finger toward me, furrows his brow and says, "No mom, stop!" or "Don't!"
-Madden loves to practice raising his eyebrows, it's the funniest thing to catch him doing it. He'll be eating or playing, and I'll look over and he's sitting there raising his eyebrows up and down. He'll catch me spying on him and he'll smile and laugh.
-He is also very particular. No drawer can be left open and doors have to be shut at all times. Even when he's excited to be going outside, before he runs out the front door he turns around and goes to shut his bedroom door.
-Madden loves to say prayers, it is the sweetest thing. At dinner on Christmas Eve, it was the first time, he really paid attention during the prayer and at the end he burst out, "Amen!" as loud as he could. Ever since then, praying is one of his favorite things. He'll come kneel down with us and fold his hands on top of each other, and he look down at the ground, not quite closing his eyes. He loves to be the first to say amen and be the one to say it the loudest. After every amen, he claps and says yay!! A few weeks ago, we asked if he wanted to say the prayer at dinner, and he got so excited and folded his arms and started babbling. There were lots of ums, and finally he burst out amen. It was one the cutest things he's ever done. Some mornings when we wakes up I'll hear him in the monitor praying in his crib and yelling "Amen, yay!" when he's done. He's growing up so fast, and it's the best thing to watch him learn good things.

We also had a great Christmas as a little family. We stayed in Florida and did everything we could to make it feel like a snow white winter, but with 80 degree weather, it's kind of impossible. Although we did make fudge and Christmas cookies, and on Christmas Eve we made ham and twice baked potatoes and orange rolls. Jeff and I got Madden dressed in his cutest Christmas jammies and put him to bed. Afterward, we set up all of his toys and hung his stocking filled with gross kid chocolate. This year Santa brought Madden a chalkboard art easel, and Honey and Big Fella gave him an Indian teepee, so he had to big and exciting presents waiting for him Christmas morning. He had several smaller gifts from grandparents that took just about all day to open. We thought he get excited about opening wrapped presents this year, but all he cared about was his Christmas suckers he found in his stocking. We had some green, sticky sucker fingers most of the day. It was fun spending the day together and starting some of our own family traditions that will carry on throughout the years.

We have an exciting month ahead of us! We can't wait to meet our new baby brother and finally become a family of 4!

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